Our organization in a nutshell

Ihme ja Kumma started in September 2015. In september 2016 the operation was seperated from Salon Vaijerit, and it is now in responsible for the workshop and all future developments. Ihme ja kumma Tuki Ry is a common-good, non profit organization. We have working with us the first special needs youngsters from Finland Proper, that are included in the ministry of employment and the economy of Finland and therefore are paid for the work.

The main focus of the project has been from the start that “things can be done in different ways”. The system has to be tailored to fit all types of people and their needs, and people can not be forced to be apart of a system that does not fit them.

Use the strengths of the individual

This idea has been a carrying force when planning the workshop, and with all of the staff working there. Some are better in other things, some in other, and that is alright. The jobs that the staffs have have been planned so that the work will play on their strengths.

Any possible disabilities are just speed bumps, and can not be in the way of making your dreams come true. Everyone will be treated with respect, no matter what gender, age or skills you have. Every ones voice matters.

Learning by doing

One of the main ideas of the project has been equality and breaking any possible preconceptions people have. Only by doing can you learn , and the end results is always the best it can be.

The joy of doing together and also succeeding as an individual will carry us far and give hope for the future. And if you don’t succeed alone, together we will make it happen. Nothing is impossible, as long as the change is given to learn and to try.

All of the individuals working here come from very different backgrounds, with varying strengths, that will be taken into account when starting work in the workshop and also when staff is hired. When thinking about future action of the workshop, funding and execution of plans, this can be difficult, as it is impossible to know the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals working here, also the possible lack of life management- or social skills are a factor. Usually it takes up to a year to identify the abilities of the individual and how they work together with others.