With small steps from workshop to workplace 2018-2020

Ihme ja kumma Tuki Ry a common-good, non profit organization was founded in Salo in the year 2016. We have working with us the first special needs youngsters from Finland Proper, that are included in the ministry of employment and the economy of Finland and therefore are paid for the work.

The main goals of the project/society is to support the able-bodied disabled by offering them work and life management skills, and also maintain the skills needed in everyday life. This is all done in a “city lounge”, a coffee shop in the heart of Salo city centre.

The City lounge was founded by Salon Vaijerit ry, in the September of 2015, and from August 2016 Ihme ja Kumma have been working in collaboration with Salon Vaijerit ry.

The diagnosis of an individual can not be an obstacle in life.

We are all different, but equal, and we all have dreams.